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Monday, February 23, 2009

bubbles the convict

with christmas money from aunt patsy, grace got her very first fish. we went to the newly opened petco, and let her pick one out. she choose a convict, which has black and white stripes. i told her it better be the only convict she ever chooses.

on our way home, we told her she gets to pick a name for her convict. so when we got home, i told her "ok, we are home, so you need to pick a name.....", and she said "HOME!" i told her let's try again. we sat down to dinner, and we asked her again to pick a name. "DINNER!" i told her we would think again. so after dinner, we set up the tank, put the fish inside, and plugged it in. with bubbles flowing all around.....guess what she names her fish????