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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

wordless wednesday

meeting the sanders ohana

grace loved watching the boys "gaming", before aunty sheila took over one of the games.
here are the sanders grandkids and grace at lanikai beach. gorgeous but chilly day.

grace got to me the sanders boyz. she was totally loving them. the doted on her like she was a princess. they are the best cousins a girls could ever have!!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

tj time

here are the kiddos!! tj and grace played more "together" than ever before......they played leap frog (their own version) and leaped around following each other, so cute!!! we also got to me little j. he is the most beautiful baby in the world. he could seriously do commercials. maybe his mommy and daddy should quit their jobs and just hire him out! yes, he is really that cute. we didn't get to spend enough time with our friends, but treasure the "quick visit" for sure.

for auntie ash........

How long have you been together? married 7, and dated/engaged for 3 (i think)
How old is he? 38
Who eats more? meat--ric sweets --sheila apples--grace cat poop--lehua
Who said I love you first? ric, i am sure of it. i am a chicken.
Who is taller? ric
Who sings better? ric if it is a dennis pavae song, me in the shower, but karaoke......we tie.
Who is smarter? i am a smarty pants, does that count? lehua is the smartest
Who does the laundry? i do me and grace, ric does ric and grace
Who does the dishes? ric
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? me
Who pays the bills? me, but ric is taking over, relief
Who mows the lawn? ric
Who cooks dinner? depends. i cook, and it is an event. ric cooks so we don't starve.
Who drives when you are together? ric until he pulls over and says "drive already!"
Who is more stubborn? me for sure.
Who kissed who first? ric. took him a while, but it was worth the wait.
Who asked who out? ric.
Who proposed? ric did, but didn't realize it.
Who is more sensitive? debateable. i cry at commercials
Who has more friends? ummm, hard to say. my friends/his friends/all the same now!
Who has more siblings? same, we both have two sisters. and they are so alike. ruth/stephanie, and gina/patti kaye
Who wears the pants in the family? lehua. for sure.

Monday, January 07, 2008

after petroglyph park, we went over to the hilton and saw the dolphins, rode the boat around and bought some new hats!!! happy birthday ric!! hope you had fun!!

Petroglyph Park

today, to celebrate ric's birthday......we had adventure day! we went to the petroglyph park by mauna lani. it was a pretty short "hike", if you even call it that. grace walked pretty much the whole way, falling a few times getting some lava rock scratches on her legs. she is tough as nails. all she said was "hurt", pointed to it, and kept going. yes, some were bleeding. she doesn't get that from me, that for sure.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

welcome 2008

happy new year everyone!! i dashed home from work and convinced ric we needed to wake grace up and ring in the new year. we woke her up at about 11:15. it was hard, but after she saw our neighbors across the street blowing their fireworks, her eyes got really big, and there was no returning to bed. grace and i made cocoa for the 3 of us and we each has some of ric's famous mochi. i brought home some party hats, balloons, and noise makers from work.......so we had quite the celebration. now it is almost one.........and time for bed.....just waiting for the sugar to wear off.
anyone have any inspiring resolutions???