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Monday, July 09, 2007

welcome to honolulu

made a trip to honolulu last week. we were there for the 4th, so saw some great fireworks from our hotel room in waikiki. grace got to see her cousins, which she LOVED following around. kaila showed grace how to play games on the computer.......look how serious they look!!


The Corbins said...

what a sweetie pie head fred!

aunty and gracie lu said...

thank goodness for aunty ashley! if it weren't for you i would think no one is looking at our blog.

patti said...

Hey...i've been a little busy...but I'm back.

Wish we'd been there at Waikiki too....missing the beach right now.

Gracie looks soooo grown up...hope to see her soon!!!?????

grandpa said...

Wakiki beach is beautiful and so are the girls.